TEG 098X - Acoustic Emission Testing and Measurement
Assignment: To exchange and disseminate information on acoustic emission technology for corrosion measurement and detection.
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Technology Management Group: S - Corrosion Science and Technology
Technology Coordinator: Vera, Jose R.
Program Coordinator: Bartos, Milan
NACE Staff Liaison: Rick Southard
TEG 098X
Acoustic Emission Testing and Measurement
Administered By STG 62
Corrosion Monitoring and Measurement—Science and Engineering Applications
TEG 098X
Acoustic Emission Testing and Measurement
Organized Under S
Corrosion Science and Technology
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NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 – historical background to CRA application limits
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NameTitleMember Since
Robert Asperger Member1/9/2012
Allen Book Member4/26/2005
Moraima Caceres Member5/8/2008
Yingzi Chen Member9/22/2009
Bruce Couron Member10/30/2011
Jerry Dewitt Member2/19/2008
Robert Donlan Member5/21/2014
Ricardo Dovico Member8/31/2012
Guy Eaton Member5/6/2012
Khlefa Esaklul Member1/1/2004
Roy Fultineer Member1/1/2004
Isaac Funderburg Member5/7/2008
Goutam Ghosh Member5/17/2007
Miguel Gonzalez Nunez Vice Chair11/5/2012
Nestor Gonzalez Member4/22/2008
Kelley Green Member11/15/2007
Tasos Kostrivas Member3/28/2014
John Kvochak Member3/17/2010
SiHyoung Lee Member6/14/2015
Eugene Liening Member1/1/2004
Herve Marchebois Member4/26/2005
Wai Mok Member1/1/2004
Farukh Nasim Member5/24/2008
Agape Osula Member6/16/2014
Dean Parker Member2/25/2010
Allan Perkins Member1/1/2004
Vilupanur Ravi Member4/23/2008
John Richert Member1/1/2004
Brian Saldanha Member1/1/2004
Roger Samsel Member3/5/2010
Taner Serter Member3/18/2010
Jeevanandam Shanmugam Member4/29/2004
Cathleen Shargay Member1/1/2004
David Silverman Member1/1/2004
Robert Smallwood Member4/12/2007
Fei Tang Member5/7/2009
Sam Ternowchek Chair1/1/2004

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