• NACE equips society to protect people, assets and
    the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.

Individual Membership

When you join NACE, you join a network of peers who, like you, are dedicated to building on more than 70 years of corrosion prevention and control. NACE International is more than the world’s premier authority in corrosion; it is a platform for upwards of 36,000 members worldwide to connect, learn, and affect change in their industries. NACE and its members are focused on the future: A safer world, protected from the effects of corrosion.

Join NACE and take your career to the next level while impacting your industry, and the association.


$145 USD Annually

$280 USD Two-year membership

You may qualify for a Student Membership or a Life and Senior Membership.


NACE International partners with corrosion industry leaders and experts to offer education programs designed to broaden your knowledge base and keep you current with the latest technology.


Two free downloads of NACE resources such as our globally recognized standards, reports, and conference papers.


From hosting industry and technology-specific conferences, seminars, and exhibits, to local area events and section meetings, NACE International connects our global audience on all levels.


Take advantage of a global network of corrosion professionals through our online Member Forum, or by attending and a NACE or Section Events.

Shape Industry Standards:

Get involved by joining a NACE Technical Committee and volunteer your technical knowledge in developing globally recognized and mandated corrosion-related standards and reports that impact your industry.


Receive free subscriptions to Materials Performance, CoatingsPro, NACE Corrosion Press, Inspect This, Stay Current and more.

Career Opportunities:

NACE connects members with potential employers through the NACE Career Center and through NACE members who are looking for talented professionals.


Receive discounted member pricing on NACE Institute recertification fees, Education courses, and corrosion resources and publications.


NACE International is globally recognized as the premier authority for corrosion prevention and control solutions due to the contributions of our members. Join today and experience all the benefits of NACE membership.

Partner Offerings

Member pricing on NACE training, event registrations and certification renewal fees. Additional discounts provided through NACE affinity program partners.